Natural Law

The Tropes of Natural Law (culled from Right Wing Watch)

Religious-Right Activists Petition Pompeo Unalienable Rights Commission to ‘Make the Family Great Again’ (February 24, 2020)

The commission created by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to reconsider U.S. human rights policy, ostensibly according to the principles of unalienable rights and a particular interpretation of natural law, held its most recent public meeting at the U.S. State Department on Friday, where the Ruth Institute’s Jennifer Roback Morse used the Q&A time to read a statement and submit a petition that urges President Donald Trump and […]

Gun Advocates Promote ‘Guns and God Appreciation Day’ to Resist ‘Cultural Marxism’ (September 16, 2019)

Some Second Amendment activists declared Saturday, September 14 to be “Guns and God Appreciation Day” and hoped that “millions of Americans” would gather to “demonstrate their unwavering support for the 2nd Amendment and their love and appreciation for God.” Polls taken in the aftermath of recent mass shootings suggest that supermajorities of Americans support stronger background checks and other gun […]

Anti-LGBTQ Groups Praise Pompeo’s ‘Commission on Unalienable Rights’ (August 9, 2019)

A few dozen Religious Right groups and leaders released a letter this week praising Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for creating his Commission on Unalienable Rights, which has been strongly criticized by human rights advocates for bypassing the State Department’s existing human rights infrastructure, for its focus on applying “natural law” principles to human rights […]

Chair of Pompeo Human Rights Commission Dismisses Concerns Without Allaying Fears (August 5, 2019)

Mary Ann Glendon, the Harvard University law professor who chairs the new Commission on Unalienable Rights that was created by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, was interviewed for the Lawfare podcast in a segment that was published on Saturday. The initial announcement of the new commission in May, and its formal launch in July, were […]

Brian Brown Praises Anti-LGBTQ Activists in the Republic of Georgia (July 19, 2019)

Brian Brown, the globe-trotting anti-LGBTQ activist, is promoting a video of himself addressing a crowd in Tbilisi, the capital of the country of Georgia, on July 8. In the video, Brown is addressing a crowd as “men of faith,” while businessman and anti-gay activist Levan Vasadze translates for him. The link was included in an […]

Pompeo’s ‘Natural Law’ Commission Gives Anti-LGBTQ Activists ‘Extraordinary Opening,’ Says Brian Brown (July 18, 2019)

Anti-LGBTQ-equality activist Brian Brown declared in a message to supporters on Thursday that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s new “Commission on Unalienable Rights” provides Brown’s International Organization for the Family with “an extraordinary opening to push for clear and consistent recognition of the natural family” and “gives us a forum to challenge American foreign policy that has […]

Pompeo Launches ‘Natural Law’ Commission Designed to Limit Human Rights ‘Inflation’ (July 10, 2019)

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo formally announced the formation of a new Commission on Unalienable Rights, which will bypass the State Department’s existing human rights infrastructure and bring a “natural law” lens to examining U.S. human rights policy. Religious Right activists cheered while human rights advocates warned that the commission could lead to a narrowing in U.S. support […]

Far-Right TFP Funded Launch of Conservative Catholic Activist Group in Netherlands (June 24, 2019)

In another example of cross-fertilization between right-wing movements in the Americas and Europe, Tradition, Family and Property helped fund and train activists in the Netherlands who created a group called Civitas Christiana, according to a report in the newspaper NRC published last week. A photo accompanying the NRC story shows Civitas Christiana chairman Hugo Bos and […]

Right Wing Round-Up: What They Mean By ‘Natural Law’ (June 14, 2019)

Kathryn Joyce @ The New Republic: The Man Behind the State Department’s New “Natural Law” Focus. Elliot Hannon @ Slate: Trump Says White House Counsel Don McGahn Lied Under Oath About Presidential Orders to Fire Mueller. Lachlan Markay @ The Daily Beast: ABC Stations Helped Trump Build a Campaign Email List on His Birthday. Alex […]

Acting AG Whitaker: Judges Should Have a ‘Biblical View of Justice’ (November 9, 2018)

Matt Whitaker, the new acting attorney general appointed by President Donald Trump on November 7, believes that judges should be “people of faith,” and that non-believers should not serve in the federal judiciary. At least, that’s what he implied in 2014 during an Iowa candidate forum moderated by right-wing pundit Erick Erickson, on which Right […]

Alex McFarland: ‘The Left is Malicious’ And ‘Ought to be Tried for Treason’ (October 10, 2018)

Right-wing Christian apologist Alex McFarland was a guest on the American Pastors Network’s “Stand In The Gap” radio program on Monday, where he declared that the opposition to the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh demonstrated that the left and Democratic leaders hate the Constitution and should be “tried for treason.” “Rather than have a constitutionalist on […]

Tony Perkins Blames Planet Fitness Trans-Inclusion Policy For Naked Yoga Guy (July 25, 2018)

Tony Perkins, the president of Family Research Council, shared a story on his radio show yesterday about a man who attempted to practice naked yoga inside a Massachusetts Planet Fitness facility and was arrested. Somehow Perkins managed to blame the incident on Planet Fitness’s policy of not discriminating against transgender people. Perkins led into the […]

Intercessors for America Shifts From Denouncing To Praying For Kavanaugh (July 13, 2018)

The exceedingly nimble Intercessors for America—which just a week ago held a conference call on which Brett Kavanaugh was said to have been revealed as a “usurper” out to steal the Supreme Court seat God intended for someone else—is out today with a new guide to praying for Kavanaugh and the confirmation process. Among the […]

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: God ‘Doesn’t Love George Soros’ (June 20, 2018)

Josh Bernstein declares that “there has never been a more grave assault on America in the entire history of the United States then what was perpetrated by Barack Hussein Obama for eight long years.” Dozens of radical Religious Right activists are demanding that media and other outlets stop citing the Southern Poverty Law Center: “We […]

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Sanctuary Cities Are ‘A Little Picture Of Hell’ (May 30, 2018)

Franklin Graham says that sanctuary cities are a “little picture of hell.” Josh Bernstein hopes that the judge in the Tommy Robinson case “burns in hell.” Wayne Allyn Root is writing “a new book on Donald Trump’s business and political success.” Todd Starnes thinks that ABC cancelled Roseanne because the network hated the fact that […]

Religious Right Celebrates Trump’s Ban On Trans Military Service, Wants Gays Out Next (July 26, 2017)

Religious Right leaders are celebrating President Donald Trump’s policy-announcement-by-tweet this morning declaring a ban on transgender people serving in the U.S. military “in any capacity.” As Miranda noted earlier, re-instituting a ban that was lifted during the Obama administration has been one of the policy items on the Religious Right’s wish list for Trump and […]

Religious Right Praises Gorsuch As Key To Its Policy Goals (March 22, 2017)

Religious Right groups and leaders have been cheering Donald Trump’s nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court since it was announced, and they have continued praising him up to and through the first days of his confirmation hearing this week. Last Friday, Focus on the Family’s “Thriving Values” newsletter compared Gorsuch to Robert […]

David Barton: Gov. Cuomo’s Travel Ban Is A Violation Of The Laws Of Nature (March 7, 2017)

Religious Right pseudo-historian David Barton delivered a presentation to a Tea Party group in Virginia over the weekend, where he stated that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s executive orders banning non-essential state travel to North Carolina and Mississippi are violations of the laws of nature. Barton was making his standard argument that natural law was […]

Rick Scarborough: Gay Marriage Bans Christians From Holding Federal Office And Is Bringing The Judgment Of God On America (October 13, 2016)

Last week, we posted a clip of Vision America founder Rick Scarborough falsely claiming that the Supreme Court’s 2015 marriage equality ruling has now “made it unlawful and illegal for Christians to hold positions” in government. Scarborough seems quite fond of this talking point, as he repeated it when he spoke at an American Pastors […]

‘And You Wonder Why They Call Us The Great Satan’: Rick Scarborough Rails Against U.S. Embassies Flying The Rainbow Flag (September 28, 2016)

Vision America’s Rick Scarborough spoke at a “Pastors Appreciation Brunch” in Orlando, Florida, last week, urging the pastors in the audience to get involved in politics and to mobilize their congregations to vote because Christians in American are being driven into the closet and being robbed of their religious liberty. Scarborough alleged that Christians didn’t […]

Matt Barber: ‘We Shouldn’t Be Surprised’ That Gay People Commit Suicide Because ‘The Wages Of Sin Is Death’ (August 24, 2016)

On today’s “Faith and Freedom” radio program, Matt Barber asserted that gay people have a higher rate of suicide because they know in their heart that they are rebelling against God. Pointing to a study that reportedly found that “homosexuals who ‘marry’ each other are almost three times more likely to commit suicide than their […]

Kim Davis’ Attorneys Take Credit For Oklahoma’s Felony Abortion Ban (May 20, 2016)

In a press release today, the conservative legal group Liberty Counsel took credit for a bill that passed the Oklahoma legislature yesterday that would make it a felony to perform abortions in the state. The group also claims that Paul Blair, a far-right Oklahoma pastor and activist who was embraced by Ted Cruz’s failed presidential campaign, […]

Cruz Endorser John Zmirak: LGBT People ‘Fundamentally Dissatisfied With The Way God Made Them’ (April 13, 2016)

Conservative columnist John Zmirak, whose endorsement Ted Cruz proudly posted on his presidential campaign website last month, reacted last week to a controversial anti-trans law in North Carolina by writing a column titled “There’s a Bearded Trannie in the Stall Next to Your Daughter and You’d Better Learn to Like It.” Zmirak’s perceptive thoughts on […]

Glenn Beck: ‘The Founders Used The Bible As The Compass’ For Writing The Constitution (April 5, 2016)

On his radio program today, Glenn Beck took a call from a young woman who said that though she is not yet old enough to vote, she would support Ted Cruz if she could because he is the only candidate who “makes the Bible his compass and bases his standards on something that is unchangeable.” […]

Paul Blair Wants Oklahoma To Lead States’ Nullification of Marriage Equality, Abortion Rights (March 10, 2016)

Anti-gay pastor Paul Blair, a former professional football player, is among the far-right activists whose endorsements have been celebrated by the Ted Cruz campaign. At last weekend’s The Awakening conference, Blair promoted his efforts to get states to defy the Supreme Court’s marriage equality decision. Resistance to marriage equality and other “unjust” laws was a […]

Rick Santorum Leaves GOP Race But His Bigoted Legacy Will Remain (February 3, 2016)

Despite winning the 2012 Iowa Republican caucuses, Rick Santorum managed to get just one percent of the vote in Monday’s contest and reportedly plans to drop out of the presidential race in a speech tonight. According to National Journal, the former Pennsylvania senator had “spent 86 days campaigning in Iowa since the 2014 election, more […]

GOPer Dave Brat Attacks Obama For Citing Bible, Says Right ‘Owns The Tradition’ Of Christian Love (January 12, 2016)

President Obama can never seem to win with Republicans, who seem to attack him for not talking about the Bible enough and then attack him even harder when he does. Take, for example, American Family Radio host Sandy Rios’ interview yesterday with Rep. Dave Brat, R-Va., in which Brat expressed his anger that Obama cited […]

12/4/2015 12:18

Alex McFarland Says God Didn’t Prevent California Shooting Because Of Abortion And Gay Marriage

Right-wing Christian apologist Alex McFarland was on Dove TV’s “Focus Today” program yesterday to discuss the terrorist shooting in San Bernardino, California, earlier this week, which he blamed on abortion and gay marriage. “People are saying, ‘Why didn’t God prevent this?’” McFarland stated, “Look, we’ve for 45 years told God to leave us alone. Fifty-seven to […]

11/19/2015 11:47

HHS Challenger: Contraception Mandate Isn’t Valid Because It Contradicts ‘The Law Of God’

Alveda King, an official with Priests for Life, which is among the groups challenging the HHS contraception coverage mandate at the Supreme Court, declared today that the regulation the groups are challenging is not valid in the first place because it contradicts “the law of God.” Priests for Life and its allies are challenging the […]

10/28/2015 7:24

World Congress Of Families Swag: Skousen’s ‘5000 Year Leap’

It’s not surprising that the World Congress of Families in Salt Lake City would have a particularly Mormon flavor, given that the city is the headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The conference’s opening session on Tuesday morning included a keynote by Mormon Apostle Russell Ballard during which he played […]

9/30/2015 16:10

Rick Santorum: Martin Luther King Jr. Would Tell Kim Davis To Break Law Over Gay Marriage

Earlier this month, Rick Santorum appeared on the Daystar program “Marcus and Joni” to promote his presidential bid and defend Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who has been trying to prevent her county office from issuing marriage licenses in the wake of the Supreme Court’s marriage equality decision. Santorum defended Davis, claiming that she should […]

9/23/2015 14:28

Pat Buchanan Compares Kim Davis’ Anti-Gay Stand To His Own Efforts To Stop Desegregation

In an interview with Newsmax TV yesterday, Pat Buchanan compared Kentucky county Kim Davis’ defiance of court orders to issue same-sex marriage licenses to his own efforts to convince President Nixon to defy a Supreme Court ruling on school desegregation. Host Rick Ungar asked Buchanan to explain why he would oppose a devout Muslim becoming […]

9/21/2015 12:35

The GOP’s Deeply Bigoted Week

What a surprise that one Republican presidential candidate’s refusal last week to correct a town hall questioner who claimed that President Obama is a Muslim led to another candidate insisting that no Muslim should ever become president of the United States. All in all, the last few days haven’t been very good for the GOP’s […]

9/18/2015 15:40

Santorum: Gay Marriage Still Illegal Because It’s ‘Not The Way Nature Functions’

At this week’s GOP presidential debate on CNN, Rick Santorum hailed Kentucky clerk Kim Davis for defying the Supreme Court’s gay marriage ruling, likening her to a girl who he said was killed for believing in God during the Columbine massacre. (This claim, as it turns out, is not true and the story of the girl’s […]

9/4/2015 14:05

Five Bizarre Arguments Kim Davis’ Supporters Have Used To Defend Her Lawbreaking

Religious Right activists claimed that they were shocked and stunned this week when a federal judge held Kentucky clerk Kim Davis in contempt of court after she repeatedly refused court orders to allow her office to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, even after losing her appeal to the Supreme Court. While the Religious Right has […]

9/3/2015 13:30

Meet The Hate Group Trying To Turn Kim Davis Into The Anti-Gay Rosa Parks

While Kentucky clerk Kim Davis insists that her decision to break the law by ordering her office to deny marriage licenses to same-sex couples “has never been a gay or lesbian issue,” the right-wing legal group defending Davis, Liberty Counsel, has made no secret of its contempt for gays and lesbians. Liberty Counsel, which is […]

8/28/2015 12:03

‘Replacing’ Planned Parenthood – Minus Birth Control

Republican legislators and governors have dramatically restricted women’s access to abortion in recent years. Those successes have emboldened the anti-choice movement to pursue ever-more extreme goals, which is why we now see Republican presidential candidates vowing to grant full constitutional rights to a fertilized egg, and pledging to use the power of the White House to legally […]

8/5/2015 15:15

Liberty Counsel: Enforcing Marriage Equality Decision Violates The Constitution

Liberty Counsel, the right-wing legal group which has called for civil disobedience and a revolution to resist the Supreme Court’s decision on marriage equality, has been defending a county clerk in Kentucky who was sued for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. The group’s founder, Mat Staver, who argues that the states and […]

8/3/2015 11:56

Mat Staver Calls For Creating ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Safe From Gay Marriage

Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver joined VCY America’s “Crosstalk” program on Thursday to discuss his work urging government officials to defy the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage equality. Staver urged governors and other elected officials to “stand up and resist” the Supreme Court’s ruling, praising officials in Alabama and Texas who are pushing back against it. […]

7/7/2015 15:32

Herb Titus: Christians Must Defy Gay Marriage Ruling Or Abandon Government To Heathens & Satan

Herb Titus, the Christian Reconstructionist, “biblical birther” and longtime brother-in-arms of Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, is urging conservative Christian public officials to deny marriage licenses to gay couples in defiance of the Supreme Court’s recent ruling, rather than simply resign from their positions and abandon “civil society to the heathen and to the Enemy.” Titus told […]

6/26/2015 11:36

‘Satan Dancing With Delight’: The Religious Right Reacts To The Legalization Of Gay Marriage

This morning, the Supreme Court ruled that state bans on same-sex marriage were unconstitutional, effectively legalizing gay marriage in all 50 states. Needless to say, anti-gay Religious Right activists and Republican politicians who have repeatedly warned that such a ruling would literally destroy America have not reacted well, as exemplified by Bryan Fischer, who fired […]

6/12/2015 17:02

Why Do Republican Officials Keep Partnering With Christian-Nation Extremist David Lane?

In pursuit of conservative evangelical voters, GOP candidates embrace far-right political operative who is raising an ‘army’ to fulfill his ‘Christian nation’ vision On Saturday, June 13, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley will host a day-long, Christians-only prayer rally organized by political operative David Lane. Lane, who organized similar events for Texas Gov. Rick Perry and […]

6/5/2015 10:30

Alan Keyes: Voting For Gay Marriage Like Voting For The Holocaust

Conservative activist Alan Keyes says that Ireland’s decision to approve marriage equality in a national referendum is just as wrong and unjust as “if the people of Germany voted tomorrow to renew the Holocaust.” “[W]ould the cardinal say the German state is duty-bound to re-open the death camps?” he asks, referring to a Roman Catholic […]

5/27/2015 13:40

Rick Santorum’s 5 Worst Smears: Attacking Gay Rights, Working Women & Church-State Separation

Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum announced today that he will once again be running for president. And why not, since while he failed to clinch the Republican nomination in 2012, by coming in second place to Mitt Romney he helped resuscitate a political career that had ended with a blowout reelection defeat in 2006. In […]

5/15/2015 17:33

Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 5/15/15

Audrey Russo warns that “Obama has been planting Muslims, here in the United States, since he came into office … And when that planting blooms: It will be a harvest from Hell.” Gary Bauer has some thoughts on the sorts of “gotcha questions” he wants to see Democratic presidential candidates have to face. Mat Staver […]

5/6/2015 12:45

Jim Garlow: Anti-Gay Right Will Become An ‘Underground Resistance Movement’

California pastor Jim Garlow, who is active in conservative politics and was among the key leaders of the campaign to pass Proposition 8, appeared on Tony Perkins’ “Washington Watch” program yesterday to discuss his church’s upcoming Future Conference, which will include appearances by Perkins, Newt Gingrich, Mat Staver. Garlow said that Staver, the Liberty Counsel […]

5/5/2015 12:15

Mike Huckabee: The ‘Nice’ Conservative Conspiracy Theorist

Mike Huckabee, who is announcing his campaign for the presidency today, has crafted an image of a nice, folksy “conservative who is not mad at anybody.” However, this image betrays the reality that the Republican leader has made a career of mean-spirited rhetoric and a propensity for conspiracy theories. While he has gained national attention […]

5/4/2015 12:39

Cliff Kincaid: Marriage Equality ‘Lunacy’ Putting Us On ‘A Road To Ruin’

One week before the Supreme Court heard arguments in a set of marriage equality cases last month, Accuracy In Media’s Cliff Kincaid convened a collection of fringe anti-gay activists , including Matt Barber and Peter LaBarbera, to address the issue at a press conference. Kincaid opened up the event with a PowerPoint presentation, which included […]

5/1/2015 10:40

Mat Staver: Anti-Gay Activists, Like Rosa Parks, Won’t ‘Walk To The Back Of The Bus’

On Tuesday’s edition of “Crosstalk,” Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver urged the owners of an Oregon bakery who were fined for violating the state’s non-discrimination law when they denied service to a gay customer to refuse to pay the fine in an act of civil disobedience against an “unjust law.” “If the government wants to come […]

4/25/2015 14:41

Mat Staver: ‘No Choice’ But To Disobey Supreme Court Marriage Ruling

Speaking at the National Organization for Marriage’s March for Marriage today, Liberty Counsel founder Mat Staver repeated his frequent comparison of a potential Supreme Court ruling in favor of marriage equality to the infamous Dred Scott decision, declaring that he would have “no choice” but to disobey such a “lawless” decision. Staver, who has recruited […]

4/24/2015 14:05

Santorum & Huckabee Join Anti-Gay Extremists In Vowing To Resist Marriage Equality Ruling

Likely GOP presidential candidates Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee have joined more than 200 anti-gay activists in signing a pledge vowing to resist any Supreme Court ruling in favor of marriage equality. The pledge, which was co-written by Mat Staver of the right-wing legal group Liberty Counsel and Deacon Keith Fournier, a Catholic activist who […]

4/24/2015 11:50

Tony Perkins: Impeach Supreme Court Justices Who Rule For Marriage Equality

Update: Perkins later denied making his comments about impeachment on “Face the Nation.” Family Research Council President Tony Perkins spoke with Iowa-based radio host Jan Mickelson yesterday about the upcoming marriage case at the Supreme Court, which Perkins predicted will end with the court striking down bans on same-sex marriage across the country. Once this […]

4/21/2015 11:48

Roy Moore Compares Anti-Gay Fight To Resisting Slavery & Segregation

Last week, the Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP), a small group associated with the National Organization for Marriage, presented Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore with its first “Letter from the Birmingham Jail Courage Award,” comparing Moore’s defiance of federal courts on marriage equality to Martin Luther King, Jr.’s civil disobedience during the civil rights […]

3/23/2015 14:07

Mike Huckabee Stands Willing To ‘Call Fire Down From Heaven’

As Peter noted in his write-up of the American Pastors Network conference in Pennsylvania last week, Mike Huckabee was unable to attend the event and instead sent a video greeting featuring him standing on Mt. Carmel in Israel, overlooking the valley in which the End Times battle of Armageddon is supposed to occur.

3/20/2015 11:55

Religious Right Leader Calls For Mass Civil Disobedience To Fight Gay Marriage

Liberty Counsel chairman Mat Staver has made anti-gay civil disobedience a recurring theme in his speeches and activism, and the pending marriage cases at the Supreme Court seem to have him on edge. In a BarbWire column today, “Why A Bad Supreme Court Decision May Require Civil Disobedience,” Staver outlined his goal of bringing together […]

3/19/2015 14:10

Rick Scarborough: Congressmen Back Plan To Go To Jail To Defy Gay Marriage

Anti-gay pastor Rick Scarborough, notorious for insisting that HIV/AIDS is God’s punishment for homosexuality, is working with Religious Right leader James Dobson, televangelist James Robison and conservative legal activist Mat Staver to recruit leading Religious Right activists and politicians to sign a pledge to commit civil disobedience in protest of a potential Supreme Court decision […]

2/9/2015 17:30

Roy Moore Will Stop Alabama From Turning Into Sodom And Gomorrah

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore is on a warpath to thwart the implementation of a federal court ruling that struck down his state’s ban on same-sex marriage, telling probate judges not to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples even as the Supreme Court has allowed marriages in the state to begin. Moore, a favorite of […]

2/6/2015 14:15

Alan Keyes: Gay Marriage Will Lead To The ‘Dissolution Of The United States’

Alan Keyes, the Religious Right icon who thinks that marriage equality will lead to Nazi-style tyranny and “the murder of the masses,” took to WorldNetDaily today with a lengthy column on the dangers of gay marriage. In fact, the column is so long that readers are redirected to Keyes’ personal website to read the second half […]

1/29/2015 17:57

Has The AFA Changed Its Position On Sodomy Laws?

Yesterday, the American Family Association announced that it was stripping Bryan Fischer of his position as a spokesman for the group. The AFA’s move to distance itself from Fischer’s regular barrages of bigotry apparently came in response pressure from its allies in the Republican National Committee, who are preparing to go on a tour of […]

1/21/2015 17:10

Religious Right Activist Admits That Marriage Equality Bans Are Like Anti-Miscegenation Laws

Brian Camenker of the anti-LGBT group MassResistance spoke to the American Family Association’s Sandy Rios this week about how same-sex marriage has wreaked havoc on Massachusetts since it became legal in 2004, declaring that ten years of marriage equality has been “terrible” for the Bay State. “It is very, very scary. It has permeated the […]

1/20/2015 12:32

Liberty Counsel: Christians Who Discriminate Against Gays Are Living Out MLK’s Legacy

Liberty Counsel issued a press release yesterday in which the anti-gay organization attempted to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day by declaring that conservative Christians who refuse to provide services to gay couples are the ones who are living out MLK’s legacy: As we remember today the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, […]

1/15/2015 17:40

Tony Perkins: No Religion In Government, Unless It’s My Religion

Yesterday on “Washington Watch,” Family Research Council President Tony Perkins received a call from a listener who asked if the U.S. should pass a constitutional amendment that would restrict religious freedom if the faith in question had “political ambitions,” particularly if those ambitions were “subversive,” which, as Perkins confirmed later in the program, was code […]

1/13/2015 18:30

Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 1/13/15

Mike Huckabee will headline Liberty Counsel’s “The Awakening 2015” event in March. Rep. Randy Weber has apologized for his bizarre tweet comparing President Obama to Adolf Hitler. The folks over at Free Republic are not happy with Glenn Beck’s warning about creeping “heterofascim” in Russia. David Lane fumes: “The grandiosity and recklessness of the radicalized, […]

8/14/2014 17:30

Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 8/14/14

Bryan Fischer has a simple solution to the crisis in Iraq: just kill the leader of ISIS. Gee, why didn’t anybody ever think of that before? Once again, FRC prays against gay marriage: “Pray that each member of the 6th Circuit Court will uphold voters in these states, their constitutional amendments, the natural law and […]

8/7/2014 13:53

David Barton: Pro-Choice Candidates Will Take Away Your Property And Guns

On his “Wallbuilders Live” program yesterday, David Barton offered a handy guide to voters who are concerned about whether their elected officials respect “natural law”: ask them if they support abortion rights, and if they do, know that they will also take away your “property” and your “self-defense.” “One of the easiest way to tell […]

8/4/2014 13:05

Anti-LGBT Columnist: Take Children Away From Gay Parents

An anti-LGBT activist writing for Alan Keyes’s Renew America this weekend called gay adoption “a crime against humanity” that must be stopped. “If, as a society, we claim to truly be against the abuse and harm of our children, then we have a moral responsibility to keep them out of the hands of gay couples, […]

7/7/2014 11:35

Washington Times Pundit Suggests Hillary Clinton Is A Baal Worshiper

Over the weekend, Washington Times columnist Robert Knight criticized Hillary Clinton’s response to the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling by accusing her of wanting to instill in America a “quasi-religious culture of death” which “reflects the religious sensibilities of the priests of Baal and the rulers of Sodom and Gomorrah.” According to Knight’s unhinged column, […]

6/25/2014 16:10

Anti-Gay Activists Call For ‘Civil Disobedience’ In Wake Of Marriage Equality Rulings

Denunciations of today’s court rulings striking down marriage equality bans in Indiana and Utah are beginning to trickle in from anti-gay activists, with the two cases representing additional defeats for an already struggling movement. Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council — ignoring the fact that one of the Tenth Circuit Court judges who ruled […]

5/30/2014 10:30

Alan Keyes Claims Gay Rights Will Lead To ‘Self-Inflicted Genocide’ And ‘Suicide For Humanity’

Alan Keyes, who is apparently under the impression that gay rights laws will turn everybody gay and create a childless society, writes today in WorldNetDaily that gay rights advocates are promoting the “extinction of humanity.” In a column titled “Homosexual ‘Rights’: Suicide For Humanity?,” Keyes alleges that gay rights have no place in America because […]

4/28/2014 15:08

Iowa GOP Senate Candidates Vow To Block Judges Who Won’t Follow ‘Biblical’ Law

The Iowa-based Religious Right group The Family Leader held a forum for Republican US Senate candidates on Friday, at which the group’s view that “God instituted government” figured heavily. In fact, nearly every candidate at the debate vowed that if they were to be elected to the Senate they would block federal judicial nominees who […]

4/18/2014 13:10

Tea Party Nation Now Promoting Operation American Spring

Operation American Spring, the far-right, militia-aligned group that’s planning a pro-coup rally next month to force President Obama out of office by shutting down Washington D.C., got a shout-out this week from Tea Party Nation. TPN head Judson Phillips emailed members a column — “Declaring War on Americans” — by Alan Caruba, in which he […]

4/10/2014 10:14

Glenn Beck Responds To Stabbing Attack By Warning That America Is Headed For Mass Starvation

When the news broke yesterday morning that a student at a Pennsylvania high school had gone on a stabbing rampage that had injured nearly two dozen people, Glenn Beck briefly addressed it on his radio program. After wondering why the students at the high school didn’t just collectively rush and subdue the assailant before he […]

3/31/2014 13:36

Ginni Thomas And Lila Rose Discuss Cultural ‘Erosion,’ ‘Natural Law,’ ‘Tyrant’ In White House

Anti-choice activist Lila Rose of Live Action was Ginni Thomas’ guest this week on her Daily Caller interview show, where the two discussed how to fix the “erosion” of American culture and return to “natural law.” Thomas, a Tea Party activist who is married to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, asked Rose, “Years from now […]

3/25/2014 11:48

Barton: Biblical Law Was Incorporated Into The Constitution Through The Seventh Amendment

Over the last few years, David Barton has been developing an ever-expanding theory that now essentially claims that all of the laws of the Bible were incorporated into the US Constitution through the Seventh Amendment, which says: In Suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial […]

2/28/2014 14:20

Keith Fournier: Marriage Equality Will Be Just As Deadly As China’s Cultural Revolution

Keith Fournier, the editor of Catholic Online and head of the Common Good Alliance, issued a warning today in response to the Texas marriage equality decision, predicting that same-sex marriage will lead to as much violence as China’s Cultural Revolution, which left millions dead. In a post on Matt Barber’s website BarbWire, Fournier writes that […]

1/16/2014 13:15

Oklahoma Pastor: Fight To Stop Gay Marriage Is The ‘Same Thing’ As Struggles Against Slavery, Nazi Germany

On Washington Watch yesterday, Family Research Council head Tony Perkins chatted with Oklahoma pastor Paul Blair of Reclaiming America for Christ about a federal judge’s decision to strike down Oklahoma’s ban on same-sex marriage, and the two Religious Right figures were unsurprisingly outraged. Blair, who has claimed that the gay rights movement is a Satanic […]

11/25/2013 17:00

Tea Party Nation Exposes ‘The Gay Food Nazis’ Once And For All

On Saturday, Tea Party Nation emailed readers a TPN blog post, “The Gay Food Nazis,” which argues that progressives are “hypocrites” for supporting portion control and gay rights. Timothy Birdnow, who blamed the Sandy Hook shooting on teachers and called for school to hire George Zimmerman, attacked Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon for his decision to […]

10/25/2013 10:58

Kengor: Satan Duped Gay People Into Supporting Marxist Marriage Equality

Grove City College professor Paul Kengor, author of Dupes: How America’s Adversaries Have Manipulated Progressives for a Century, has more to say on the issue of duping in a WorldNetDaily column published yesterday. Kengor claims that progressives have “long been hell-bent on taking down the family” and “at long last seem to have found the […]

10/10/2013 10:28

Staver: DOMA Decision Is ‘Contrary To The Natural Created Order Of God Almighty’

Last month, Mat Staver joined Rick Santorum, Rick Scarborough and others for a “Pastors For Virginia” conference and Liberty Counsel has now posted video of the remarks Staver delivered , during which he ranted against the Supreme Court for its recent decision on the Defense of Marriage Act. Staver claimed that in making the decision, […]

10/7/2013 10:30

WND: Obamacare Will Lead To ‘Systematic Genocide’

While millions of people have visited the health insurance exchanges set up by the Affordable Care Act since they went live on October 1, WorldNetDaily’s Ellis Washington knows what is really going on. According to Washington, universal health care was designed by Adolf Hitler in order to carry out genocide. The Affordable Care Act, he […]

7/25/2013 13:27

Target Gives $50K to Group Supporting Anti-Gay VA Candidate Ken Cuccinelli

Update appended. Back in 2010, Target Corporation was forced to apologize when it came out that it had funded campaign ads on behalf of virulently anti-gay Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer. The controversy hit the Minnesota-based company hard, in part because it vocally supports gay rights and has a reputation as a supportive workplace for […]

7/24/2013 10:20

Staver: SCOTUS DOMA Ruling Is Like Trying To Suspend The Law Of Gravity

On today’s “Faith and Freedom Radio” broadcast, Mat Staver continued to directly compare the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act to the Dred Scott ruling and other egregious court decisions from the past, adding that the DOMA decision is like the court ruling that it was going to suspend the laws […]

7/8/2013 11:25

Keyes: Case for Gay Marriage Same as the Case for Slavery

Alan Keyes believes that Justice Antonin Scalia didn’t go far enough in his dissent in Windsor, the decision which struck down a key component of the Defense of Marriage Act, maintaining that he should’ve argued that gay marriage, which Keyes called a “tyrannically defined fabrication,” is unconstitutional. According to Keyes, gay marriage advocates are using […]

7/1/2013 16:40

American Decency Association: Gays Are ‘Disgusting’

After claiming that the Supreme Court’s ruling on DOMA was comparable to the attack on Pearl Harbor, the American Decency Association put out a statement today from president Bill Johnson calling gays and lesbians “disgusting.” “How many men would stoop to having intimacy with another man?” Johnson asks. “How disgusting. How unnatural.” Johnson adds that […]

6/28/2013 11:35

American Decency Association: DOMA Decision Just Like Pearl Harbor

The American Decency Association’s Lisa Van Houten is warning that the Supreme Court’s DOMA decision “will live in infamy” just like Pearl Harbor. Van Houten claims that pastors will “be prosecuted for preaching” against homosexuality and refusing to perform same-sex weddings, people will be “charged with discrimination” if they don’t “embrace homosexuality,” anti-gay groups will […]

6/24/2013 14:35

Gohmert: Kids Don’t Need Sex-Ed Because This Isn’t The Soviet Union

On today’s episode of “WallBuilders Live,” David Barton and Rick Green were joined by Rep. Louie Gohmert for a discussion about the dangers posed by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the organization’s “indoctrination” of students. Predictably, Green, Barton, and Gohmet all repeated the absurd right-wing talking point that the SPLC has been “linked to […]

6/13/2013 17:30

Right Wing Leftovers – 6/13/13

Now E.W. Jackson says that he does not believe that yoga leads to Satanism. Speaking of Jackson, he seems to have a long history of failing to pay his bills. Every once in a while, Glenn Beck gets all hushed and emotional and weepy for an entire segment … today was one of those days. […]

6/10/2013 17:20

Staver: Obama Violating First Amendment by Affirming ‘Immoral and Unhealthy’ Homosexuality

Mat Staver and Shawn Akers of Liberty Counsel are incensed that a U.S Department of Agriculture newsletter [PDF] promotes an LGBT pride event, or as Staver called it, “the sexual anarchist event.” On Friday’s edition of Faith & Freedom, Staver said the newsletter is proof that the USDA “intimidates employees if they don’t participate,” while […]

6/10/2013 16:10

‘It Is a Measure of the Depravity of the Homosexual Movement that it will Not Spare the Innocence of Children’

Conservative writer Robert R. Reilly has moved from anti-Islam activism to attacking LGBT equality advocates, warning in a column today that gays and lesbians “use a stealth approach under the cover of issues such as school safety, diversity, and bullying” to “enforce” homosexuality in the classroom. Reilly, who is “currently completing a book on the […]

4/22/2013 15:36

David Barton Cogently Explains Why Gay Marriage is Unconstitutional

On Thursday’s episode of “WallBuilders Live,” David Barton attempted to explain why marriage equality is a violation of the Constitution because it is a violation of the Declaration of Independence which is a violation of natural law which is a violation of God’s law. As Barton sees it, the 7th Amendment’s language regarding “in suits […]

3/27/2013 14:43

Matthew Hagee: Gay Marriage Will be ‘the Death of Capitalism’

On yesterday’s “Hagee Hotline,” Matthew Hagee warned that legalizing gay marriage would spell “the death of capitalism.” “The only relationship in natural law that can produce consumers,” Hagee declared, “is the relationship between a man and a woman. When you create a society that does not recognize this relationship as the foundation of its existence […]

3/22/2013 10:20

Keyes: ‘So-Called Homosexual Rights’ Incompatible with the Constitution

In his latest WorldNetDaily column, Alan Keyes warns that “so-called libertarians” have a “rebellious arrogance that disdains decent self-government” because they are unable to see “the distinction between liberty and licentiousness.” Keyes specifically pointed to gay rights as a reason to oppose libertarians: “By promoting so-called homosexual rights, they are engaged in a general offensive […]

11/26/2012 17:18

Scott Lively Envisions a Religious Right/Progressive Grassroots Third Party Coalition

Scott Lively dropped in on “Focal Point” today, mostly to discuss developments in Uganda, but also to provide some insights on his plan to run for Governor of Massachusetts, which he apparently thinks he can win by creating a third party coalition by merging anti-gay Religious Right activists with “the grassroots of the progressive movement”: […]

11/7/2012 15:20

Family Research Council Licks its Wounds after Election Pummeling

A despondent Tony Perkins hosted the Family Research Council’s post-election special “Election 2012: Aftermath & Aftershocks,” which featured Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Rep-elect. Mark Meadows (R-NC), Derek McCoy of the Maryland Marriage Alliance, Jim Garlow and FRC Vice President Tom McClusky.

9/7/2012 17:29

Right Wing Leftovers – 9/7/12

Is Sarah Palin really so dense that she is attacking John Kerry for mentioning her in his speech by asking “how does he even know my name?” Has she forgotten that she ran for Vice President just a few years ago? It kind of made her famous. The fact that the fringe elements of the […]

7/12/2012 11:00

Conservative Activists Demand NAACP Abandon Gay Rights Support, Just as Martin Luther King Jr. Would Have Wanted

A group of anti-gay pastors is heading to Houston to hold a press conference outside of the NAACP’s convention today, protesting the organization’s decision to endorse marriage equality. The Coalition of African American Pastors is led by William Owens, a Memphis preacher who has been a consistent advocate on behalf of state constitutional amendments banning […]

6/4/2012 15:44

Perkins: Americans Will Never Accept Gay Marriage Because it ‘Violates Reason and Natural Law’

Recently, Tony Perkins and Harry Jackson sat down for a half-hour interview with CBN’s David Brody to discuss President Obama’s support for marriage equality and what it will mean for the 2012 election. Brody has posted the entire interview on his blog, in which Perkins compared the issue of gay marriage to the issue of […]

5/10/2012 17:00

Religious Right Outcry on Marriage Equality Intensifies with Denunciations of Obama and the Gay Community

Enraged and energized by President Obama’s support for marriage equality, conservatives have begun to speak out not only against Obama but also against anti-discrimination laws, not just marriage, for gays and lesbians. Terry Jeffrey of CNSNews, an outfit of the Media Research Center, told American Family Association’s Tim Wildmon and the Family Research Council’s Tony […]

1/31/2012 14:00

Harry Jackson Flubs Martin Luther King Jr. History

Harry Jackson, who believes that his political opponents are literally under the control of demons and that gay rights movement is a “Satanic plot” and “an insidious intrusion of the Devil,” had the gall yesterday to pen a column yesterday lamenting the “bickering and pettiness” in American politics and express his longing for a less […]

1/30/2012 16:06

Biblical Birthers? Titus Claims Bible Says Obama Ineligible for Presidency

Birther spokesman Herb Titus went on Voice of Christian Youth America’s Crosstalk on Friday to discuss the progress of the birther movement. Undeterred by recent setbacks to the movement, Titus claimed that President Obama’s ineligibility for office is written into the Bible and that in any case, the president “is more loyal to his African […]

1/9/2012 15:10

Liberty Counsel Accuses Macy’s of Rape Cover-Up

The right-wing legal foundation Liberty Counsel is representing a former Macy’s employee who was fired when she violated company policy and refused to allow a transgender woman to use the woman’s changing room to try on clothes. In the weeks since the incident, Liberty Counsel chairman Mat Staver has made the rounds to disparage and […]

12/15/2011 18:20

Conservative Iowa Radio Host Attacks Rick Perry for Hiring Openly Gay Staffer

Following a series of debate gaffes and blunders that have pushed him out of his spot as a frontrunner in the presidential race, Texas Gov. Rick Perry has tried to win back support by stressing his social conservative credentials. He is kicking off a bus campaign around Iowa focusing on “faith, family and freedom” and […]

12/8/2011 15:35

TFP Releases New Report on “Pro-Homosexual” Clubs’ “Dictatorship of Tolerance”

The American Society for Tradition, Family and Property is out with a new report on “pro-homosexual clubs” at Catholic colleges and universities. By report, we mean a lengthy chart naming the student clubs or resource centers for LGBT students and allies and citing other objectionable material, including supposedly objectionable material, including the “pro-homosexual film” Brokeback […]

10/18/2011 16:30

Priest Says Catholics Must Oppose Politicians Who Don’t Oppose “Intrinsically Evil” Homosexuality

The mayor of El Paso, Texas and two city councilmembers are facing recall elections after their support of domestic partner benefits for city employees raised the ire of Religious Right activists. One of the proponents of the recall, Rev. Michael Rodriguez, was reassigned out of the El Paso Roman Catholic diocese after paying for advertisements […]

8/29/2011 14:42

Turek: Homosexuality Is A “Road To Destruction,” Like Getting Run Over By A Truck

Frank Turek has become a hero of sorts to the Religious Right after Cisco terminated his contract as a consultant when an employee complained about his work as an anti-gay activist. Turek, who was a motivational speaker for Cisco before he was canned, is a radio commentator on American Family Radio, the American Family Association’s […]

8/2/2011 11:42

Coming Soon: AFA ‘documentary’ could save the Republic from secularists and gays

Another reason to get your tickets for this year’s Values Voter Summit: a fundraising letter from the American Family Association promises that its new “documentary” — Divorcing God: Secularism, Sexual Anarchy and the Future of the Republic — will debut at the VVS, the major annual political gathering for the Religious Right movement. The letter […]

7/22/2011 10:26

Right-Wing Activist Says Homosexuality Creates “The Most Violent Societies”

Tim Dunkin of Renew America and Conservative Underground wants to warn America that not only is same-sex marriage not a right, but that homosexuality itself “is a lifestyle choice that lends itself to violence, degradation, disease, selfishness, and exploitation.” Arguing that gay rights must be “fought, defeated, and thrown back” along with “the rest of […]

7/6/2011 16:39

AFA: Gays Are “Abusing The Nature Of The Design Of The Human Body”

As Brian mentioned in the last post, the Religious Right is none-too-pleased about the passage of a bill that would make sure textbooks recognize the contributions of prominent LGBT figures in California history. So it was no surprise that it was a topic of discussion on today’s broadcast of the AFA Report where Ed Vitagliano said […]

5/17/2011 10:58

Turek: Gays And Radical Muslims Have United To Destroy Western Civilization

Speaking with Bryan Fischer, fellow American Family Radio host Frank Turek argued that gays and Muslim extremists are allied in their plot to destroy America. Turek, the host of CrossExamined and a motivational speaker for businesses, previously joined Tony Perkins, Jerry Boykin and Rick Joyner in announcing a Spartan-like 300 to get more Christians involved […]

3/24/2011 13:25

Iowa Religious Right Leader Compares Marriage Equality Ruling To Overturning Gravity

Cary Gordon of Iowa’s Cornerstone World Outreach has continued to make waves with his anti-gay diatribes. Gordon was heavily involved with the successful effort to remove three Iowa Supreme Court justices who ruled in favor of marriage equality in 2009, and just last week he told a rally hosted by Bob Vander Plaats that like […]

3/14/2011 11:03

Colson Slams Lady Gaga for ‘Born This Way’

Following Focus on the Family’s staunch criticism of Lady Gaga over her new song ‘Born This Way,’ Chuck Colson is now attacking Gaga for claiming that sexual orientation is not a choice. The Religious Right leader also goes after Attorney General Eric Holder, who recently announced that the Justice Department will no longer defend the […]

12/17/2010 11:49

Keyes Can’t Believe Gays Will Be Allowed In the Military While Birthers Are Going to Prison

Alan Keyes says hope for America is fading fast now that we are on the verge of allowing gays to take over the military while simultaneously sending “honorable” Birther soldiers to prison … and it is all part of President Obama’s plan to “destroy the American constitutional republic”: Though portrayed as a matter of rights […]

12/3/2010 17:05

What the CADC Considers “Anti-Christian Defamation, Discrimination and Persecution”

I have to say that nothing better demonstrates the absurdity of the Religious Right’s victimization complex better than Christian Anti-Defamation Commission poll asking readers to help them choose “top 10 most egregious acts of anti-Christian defamation, discrimination and persecution in America” in 2012. Here are the nominees: – 88 Pro-Lifers were arrested for protesting President […]

6/29/2010 15:00

So Much For the “Change of Tone” At The Maine Family Policy Council

It was just last week that we reported that following the departure of Mike Heath from the Maine Family Policy Council, the organization had announced a new interim president and executive director who had as his mission undoing all of the embarrassment Heath had caused the organization with his ridiculous statements. Well, that is going […]

3/5/2010 14:08

This Is What Happens When The Religious Right Takes Over Your State

When Ken Cuccinelli was running to become Virginia’s Attorney General, he made it quite clear that he was a hard-core right-winger who didn’t like gays: “My view is that homosexual acts, not homosexuality, but homosexual acts are wrong. They’re intrinsically wrong. And I think in a natural law based country it’s appropriate to have policies […]

2/17/2010 14:40

DADT Must Remain In Order To “Keep Our Honor Clean”

Every so often, an obscure but well-heeled group called the American Society for Tradition, Family and Property pops up on the scene to make its case for … well, tradition, family, or property. Today it is out with a press release announcing a press conference tomorrow where it will release its lengthy defense of keeping […]

1/8/2010 18:02

AFA Gets In on the Trans-Bashing, Barber Outdoes Himself

Via Raw Story, we see that the American Family Association is giving the Traditional Values Coalition a run for its money in the race to see which group can release the most bigoted statement regarding the appointment of Amanda Simpson: The American Family Association (AFA) believes the appointment is a severe mistake, because it puts […]

12/18/2009 17:03

Ropert P. George: The Religious Right’s Resident Intellectual

The New York Times profiles Princeton professor, National Organization for Marriage Chairman, and American Principles Project founder Robert P. George and his role as the intellect behind the Manhattan Declaration and much of the Religious Right’s agenda: FOR 20 YEARS, George has operated largely out of public view at the intersection of academia, religion and […]

10/8/2009 16:37

Terry to Protest National Equality March, Prevent America From Becoming a “Modern Day Sodom”

I guess it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that Randall Terry and crew are going to protest President Obama’s address at the Human Rights Coalition Banquet and the National Equality March. After all, they really don’t have a choice considering that gays are intent on tearing “the very fabric of Christian society apart” and […]

10/6/2009 17:49

Right Wing Round-Up

Another right-wing smear against Kevin Jennings is debunked. What exactly does the National Republican Congressional Committee mean when it says that Nancy Pelosi needs to be put “in her place”? Glenn Beck continues to lose advertisers. David Weigel is not impressed with the Washington Post’s profile of Orly Taitz. Good As You: Last week we […]

7/16/2009 14:24

Anti-Gay Group Takes Their “Traditional Marriage Crusade” on the Road

It looks like yet another group from the religious right plans to take their show on the road. The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP) will be launching what they call a “traditional marriage crusade” in three states: New York, Maine, and Rhode Island. The American TFP is a standard […]

12/15/2008 15:00

The Far Right’s Newest Boogeyman: Environmentalism

Back in July, we wrote about the then-upcoming 9th Annual Freedom21 National Conference where a bevy of second, third, and fourth string right-wing activists were gathering to blow the top off the nefarious plot behind the idea of sustainable development. Now, the SPLC has published an account of the gathering … and it was apparently […]

6/4/2008 15:26

String of Losses Causes Right to Lose It

As we noted a few weeks ago, the Right did not react well to the California Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of equal marriage rights for gays and lesbians, with people like Janet Folger going so far as to proclaim it signals the end of the world. In the days since the ruling was handed […]

1/3/2008 12:21

Will David Barton Be Huck’s Secretary of Education?

A few weeks ago we noted that Mike Huckabee was going to be appearing alongside right-wing pseudo-historian David Barton at an event in Iowa and wondered if a Barton endorsement would be forthcoming. That endorsement has not yet come through, but Barton might want to get on the ball because, if Huckabee ends up becoming […]