Peter Hammond Schwartz

I write about politics, history, and religion. I live in Washington State.


JournalismOriginalism is Dead. Long Live Catholic Natural Law (The New Republic, February 3, 2021)Why The Democrats Failed Again: On The Cosmological Emptiness Of Liberalism (Salon, December 13, 2020)Farshad Farahat, Iranian American Actor, Has Advice On Reducing Nuclear Risks (The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, June 19, 2020)Conscience and the Scientific Community: A Profile of Kennette Benedict (Ploughshares Fund, October 28, 2019)Facing Nuclear Threats: A Profile of Gael Tarleton (Ploughshares Fund, August 19, 2019)Book Review / American Revolution: Elite Endeavour? (San Francisco Examiner, October 21, 1990)Book Review / Dramatic Voice, Dramatic Times (San Francisco Examiner, March 18, 1990)Third World Oil: The Unexplored Alternative (The Nation, June 6, 1981)
LiteraryPolyhedral Cathedral (Portland Review, 2019)
AcademicBook Review / The Political Philosophy of Thomas Jefferson (Political Theory, August 1993)"His Majesty the Baby:" Rejoinder to Springborg (Political Theory, November 1990)“His Majesty the Baby:” Narcissism and Royal Authority (Political Theory, May 1989)Imagining Socialism: Karl Kautsky and Thomas More (International Journal of Comparative Sociology, January, 1989)Equestrian Imagery in European and American Political Thought: Toward an Understanding of Symbols as Political Texts (Western Political Quarterly, December 1988)The Maternal Christ As Redeemer: Speech and Gender in the Thought of Martin Luther (The Journal of Psychohistory, Spring 1985)Kings on Horseback: On the Meaning of the Trial and Execution of Charles I (Dissertation) (University of California, Berkeley, 1984)